The Maya Backpacking course lasted for 5 days in the Bandipur Area which included 12 students in total. We got hand in hand with the volunteers of Maya Universal Academy and kickstarted the course. This time, we also added some of the new outdoor curriculum in the course which were Rock climbing and Caving, and we were concerned that it would be too difficult for them but surprisingly, they loved the challenge and enjoyed it.

Since the course conducted in collaboration with Maya Universal Academy and Freedom Social Foundation, the course got the name “Maya Backpacking and rock climbing course.


Freedom Social Foundation has conducted three outdoor courses and all of them were a grand success.

We were approached by the officials of Maya Universe Academy so as to educate their students with the basics of outdoor education. The Maya Universe Academy is ran by Manjil Rana and his amazing team, with a similar concept as ours, the academy provides free schooling to the youths of Byas – 4, Tanahun. His concept also involves their parents who help in renovation of the school environment when needed. We were touched and inspired by the Maya Universe Academy and there was no way we would let down the opportunity to work with them.

The Students

Here is the list of students that joined the Maya Backpacking Course.

S.N. Name Photos Class Gender
1 Smiley face Nishan Acharya 5 Male
2 Smiley face Krishna Rana 7 Male
3 Smiley face Manish Ale 7 Male
4 Smiley face Roshni Ale Magar 7 Female
5 Smiley face Rejina Rai 7 Female
6 Smiley face Muskan Rana 7 Female
7 Smiley face Jharna Rai 5 Female
8 Smiley face Umita Rai 5 Female
9 Smiley face Anjana Thapa 7 Male
10 Smiley face Prabesh Rana 7 Male
11 Smiley face Ujjwal Shahi 5 Male
12 Smiley face Nishan Ramtel 7 Male


Here is the list of people that volunteered for this project.

Name Role
Jagan Nath Timilsina Course Instructor
Mangal Tamang Photo and Videography
Roman Evarts Assistant Instructor
Rajan Bhandari Volunteer


Here are the key outcome of the Maya Backpacking and Rock Climbing Course in bullet points.

  • We have now managed to incorporate Rock Climbing and Caving into our outdoor curriculum.
  • The project was cherished by the students and we also received positive feedbacks from Maya Universe Academy.
  • Maya Universe Academy is interested to work with us in the upcoming future.
  • We now have 75+ students who feels confident to share what they have learnt to other freshers.
  • We have successfully expanded outdoor education outside of the Annapurna region.


Maya Backpacking & Rock Climbing Course