Freedom Social Foundation is the social initiative taken by Freedom Adventures with the goal to share what we have learned over the years working within this industry. Adventure tourism is without a doubt a sector that is progressively growing in Nepal. However, the people that come into it do not come into the sector by learning about it rather work their way up from the bottom.

Our team has been serving international clients with tailor made trekking and expedition trips, since we began in 2014, over the years we have been able to get a better understanding of the sector and feel that a more systematic approach must be taken to ensure that people want to work within the sector with better training and knowledge. Our work has also allowed us to create a strong network of people that specialize in various sectors within Adventure tourism such as trekking, rafting, rock climbing, wildlife, canyoning, wilderness medicine, mountain biking and mountaineering. This also puts us in a strong position to work with those expertise in various different projects.

The trekking and mountaineering region we operate in provides immense opportunity for the local to be able to work within tourism but at sadly many are not aware of the possibilities available and do not have good understanding what’s required to get into the profession. Just like any other profession people are at their best to develop the interest and desire at youth. However the youth of Nepal are not exposed to outdoor education in school as the educational curriculum is yet to accept that as a prominent topic in the syllabus, for a country like ours where the world comes in to visit as a Mecca of Adventure, doesn’t put the youth in a favorable position to accept adventure tourism as a potential career.

Apart from a potential career, Outdoor education allows youth to learn skills that just can’t be found in an indoor classroom. We firmly believe that introducing outdoor education will instill in students through hand on practice skills to work together as a team, to think independently, develop survival skills and strong appreciation for Nature.

Through Freedom Social Foundation we wish to take a tiny step to introduce outdoor education to the rural youths of Nepal. Our current work is an initial step to tackle the problem we believe that with this initial spark we will be able to light up in the young minds awareness and desire for outdoor so that they can make an informed decision to work in Adventure tourism should they desire to.