What is Freedom Social Foundation?

Freedom Social Foundation is the social initiative of Freedom Adventures aimed at giving back by educating Youth about Outdoor Education. Read More Here.

When did Freedom Social Foundation start?

Freedom Social Foundation was started in 2016. Read More Here.

Why was Freedom Social Foundation started?

It was started with the aim to make outdoor education available to youths in the rural Nepal, so that they could become aware of the Adventure tourism and should they decide to continue they would have the basic set of skills and contacts necessary to help them get started. Read More Here.

What is your mission?

Our mission is to introduce outdoor education to rural kids of Nepal so that are able to see the opportunities within adventure tourism.

Are you Registered ?

Yes, Freedom Social Foundation, Kaski is a registered charity. The charity is registered in the Social Welfare Council through the District Administration Office, Kaski, Pardi, Pokhara with the Registration Number 3643/073/074..

Do you make Profit ?

No, we are a Not For Profit organisation all the amount raised by the foundation goes into the courses.

When is your next course ?

Our next course, basic rafting and kayaking course will begin on the 1st of March, 2018. Read more here.

Where do your funds come from ?

We don’t have fixed supporters currently, we raise our funds via crowdfunding such as JustGiving and Youcaring.

How are your accounts managed ?

Freedom Adventures, finance team, volunteer to manage the funds. After every courses our expenses are published online in our website.

How can I donate ?

You can donate my making a direct deposit to our bank. Alternatively you can donate to one of our crowdfunding page. Read more here.

How are the donations used ?

The donations are used to fund the courses. You can read about our specific expenses in the course pages under past project. Alternatively, you can visit our financial statements where we keep our course expenses report.

What other forms of donations are possible ?

You can directly donate outdoor related equipments if you wish to do this please email us to get in touch at donate@freedomsocialfoundation.org

What qualifications do your volunteers hold?

Our instructors have the necessary qualifications and experience of teaching. Our supporting volunteers are working professionals who have the experience and understanding of the specific course that they part in. The rest of volunteers just have the spirit of helping and they come along to help.

Please, email our team at volunteer@freedomsocialfoundation.org our team will get in touch with you see the possibilities of having you on as an instructor.

I would like to volunteer, how can I take part ?

If you just wish to help out where possible you are always welcome. Email us at volunteer@freedomsocialfoundation.org

How can i get more information ?

You can email us at info@freedomsocialfoundation.org or give us a call at 06146584 to speak to one of our team.

Can I fundraise for Freedom Social Foundation ?

We have had people that have collected donations from their friends and families and made a direct deposit, told their friends and families to donate or even started their own fundraiser. If you like what you are doing you can help us through all creative ways possible and fundraise for the Foundation.

What benefits are there for Sponsors?

Here are your benefits:

Your logo will be printed in the course banners.

All the course photos, videos will be watermarked with your logo.

We will also put up your logo in the sponsors page in the Freedom Social Foundation Website.