Our first canyoneering course level-1 was conducted from the 2nd to 5th March 2020. We were delighted to have instructor Rajip Tripathi from Canyon Guides International join us for the course. The aim of this course will not only be to equip the level skills of canyoneering but also to bring awareness of canyoneering as a potential career. The students were able to complete the ultimate goal of canyoneering down a waterfall by themselves. We thank Bharat Gurung, Pramod Gurung and Nisahan Gurung for bringing their professional experience for the benefits of the students as volunteers.


After the successful completion of a few basic canyoning courses, last year another opportunity to organize more courses that could benefit the youth. So, this year’s canyoneering course of Level-1 is planned and implemented at Jalbire, Chitwan. This level-1 canyoneering course was about covering its foundation and bringing exposure to rural youth about adventure tourism. To bring maximum value we selected the place Jalbire. Once everything was set we began the course as planned. 

The Students:

We wanted to have a mix of ranged of students so that they could benefit from the experience. Students were selected from all over Nepal. Students for this course were selected from our previous course along with youth that lives on the outskirts of popular canyoning spots who hoped to eventually find work at their locality. This created a perfect mix of students with unique backgrounds approaching canyoneering.

Here is the list of students that joined the course.

S.N. Photos Name Gender Age
1 Rejina Tamang F 21
2 Ang Sanu Sherpa F 20
3 Pawan Gurung M 20
4 Mitra Kumar Gurung M 24
5 Uttar Kumar Gurung M 28
6 Min Kumar Gurung M 27
7 Tam Bahadur Gurung M 25
8 Tak Bahadur Gurung M 28
9 Bijaya Gurung M 31
10 Bishal Gurung M 28
11 Sandip Rai M 19
12 Pradip Bhandari M 31
13 Manoj Gurung M 28
14 Rupesh Shrestha M 22
15 Sagar Tripathi M 20
16 Sunil Gurung M 30
17 Kushal B.K. M 20
18 Bishnu Gurung M 22
19 Himal Gurung M 20
20 Hari Ale Magar M 28
21 Shaurav Rai M 22
22 Subash Sedhai M 26


Here is the list of people that volunteered for this project.

  • Rajip Tripathi – Instructor
  • Bharat Gurung – Teaching Volunteer
  • Pramod Gurung – Teaching Volunteer
  • Nishna Gurung – Teaching Volunteer

Expense Report:

Amount expenses in Level-1 Canyoning course




Food, Vegetables, and Groceries



BBQ/ Eggs/ Beverages



Volunteers Allowance and Transportation (Taxi and Bus)

NRs. 9600


Lunch after and before training



Mobile Recharge Card

NRs. 400


NRs. 31104

Logistic Support:

All logistics and other expenses have been borne by Paddle Nepal.


Special Thanks

  • Rich Carlson from Canyoneering Group International, for trust us to organized this course level-1
  • Paddle Nepal



  • 22 new students have been exposed to canyoneering.
  • We have now trained 20+ specifically under the Level -1 Canyoneering Course.


Reviews and Reactions

Apart from the positive response from the students and volunteers that joined the program.


Organizing this course has taught us that a specialized course allows students to better appreciate and have a more insightful view of outdoor activity. We were also able to see that bringing in students from different areas can aid in student’s ability to work with the diverse categories of people.



Canyoning Course - Level 1